International Symposium Innate Immune Memory
May 29th-31st 2023, Naples, Italy 

Congress Venue at Parthenope Conference Centre
Università di Napoli Federico II, via Pathenope n. 36, Napoli, Italy 

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  Monday 29th of May
 10.00h Welcome – University Authorities & The Organizers: Giuseppe Matarese, Mihai Netea, Triantafyllos Chavakis, Siroon Bekkering, George Hajishengallis, Zoltan Fehervari
Mechanisms in regulating trained immunity 
Chairs: Jorge Dominguez Andres (Nijmegen-Netherlands) & Shih-chin Cheng (Xiamen-China)
10.15h Luis Barreiro  Systems immunology of innate immune responses 
10.45h Boris Novakovic – Mechanisms of trained immunity in endothelial cells
11.15h Triantafyllos Chavakis – Mechanisms of trained immunity in neutrophils
11.45h Judith Austermann – Core histone degradation drives immune tolerance in human monocytes (from submitted abstracts)
12.00h Lunch and Poster Session
Chairs: Jessica dos Santos (Nijmegen-Netherlands) & Claudio Procaccini (Napoli-Italy)
14.00h Keynote: Galit Alter – Systems serology and trained immunity
14.30h Aki Minoda – MUKIN (Germ-free) Mouse Ageing Atlas: Determining microbiota-dependent ageing signatures
15.00h Sarah J. Sun – BCG Vaccination impacts the epigenetic landscape of progenitor cells in human bone marrow (from submitted abstracts)
15.15h Rachel Low – A paradoxical role of the MEK1/2-ERK-RSK signalling axis in the priming of macrophages (from submitted abstracts)
15.30h Coffee Break
16.00h Timothy Osborne – Intersection of trained immunity and metabolism in macrophages through SETDB2 (from submitted abstracts)
16.15h Huan Jin – NAMPT/NAD+ metabolic axis in macrophage promotes trained immunity-mediated antitumor activity (from submitted abstracts)
16.30h Keynote: Bali Pulendran – Systems innate vaccinology
17.00h-17.15h Cytosens Sponsored Talk -  Simona Maida – 7 Laser & 186 Detectors: ID7000 Spectral Cell Analyzer, Best in-Class High-Parameter Flow Cytometry
19.00h Get Together Welcome Reception


Tuesday 30th of May
  Molecular and cellular mechanisms in health and diseases
Chairs: Yenan Bryceson (Huddinge-Sweden) & Rob Arts (Nijmegen-Netherlands)
09.00h Michael Sieweke – Central trained immunity in progenitor cells
09.30h Musa Mhlanga – Epigenetics of trained immunity in myeloid cells
10.00h George Hajishengallis – The role of trained immunity in chronic diseases
10.30h Silvia Pires – TL1A promotes ILC3-dependent neutrophil activation and colitis associated cancer (from submitted abstracts)
10.45h Anne-Sophie Beignon – Orchestration of myelopoiesis, early innate myeloid responses, and long-term innate immune imprinting after vaccination (from submitted abstracts)
11.00h Coffee Break
11.30h Chiara Romagnani  Epigenetics of NK cell memory
12.00h Antoine Roquilly  Post-sepsis immunological effects on cancer
12.30h James Shih-chin Cheng – Malaria pigment hemozoin induces persistent myelopoiesis-bias and boosts host immunity (from submitted abstracts)
12.45h Viviane Bechtold – AS01B-adjuvanted vaccine promotes functional and epigenetic modifications in monocytes (from submitted abstracts)
13.00h Lunch and Poster Session
Trained immunity in vertebrates
Chairs: Anaisa Valido Ferreira (Nijmegen-Netherlands) & Sarah Sun (Chicago-USA)
14.30h Katherine King  Central trained immunity in mycobacterial infection
15.00h Steven Josefowicz  Epigenetic memory in innate immune cells post-COVID-19
15.30h Zhou Xing  Innate immune memory of resident macrophages
16.00h Coffee Break
16.30h Margarida C. Gomes – Training innate immunity in zebrafish using Shigella (from submitted abstracts)
16.45h Dane Parker – Staphylococcus aureus induces broadly protective innate memory in airway epithelial cells (from submitted abstracts
Editors corner

Zoltan Fehervari (Nature) & Jamie Wilson (Nature Immunology) - 
Navigating the difficult sea of top journal publications

18.00h Open discussion and Poster Session


Wednesday 31st of May
Trained immunity and disease
Chairs: Vinod Kumar (Nijmegen-Netherlands) & Eva Kaufmann (Kingston-Canada)
09.00h Peter Kurre  Leukemia and trained immunity
09.30h Siroon Bekkering – Trained immunity in cardiometabolic diseases
10.00h Liwu Li – Programming of innate immune memory: from exhaustion to rejuvenation
10.30h Coffee Break
11.00h Barbara Mariotti – Identification of a trained phenotype in circulating neutrophils from COPD patients (from submitted abstracts)
11.15h Jéssica C. dos Santos – HIV-1 elite controllers and their 1st degree family members show enhanced monocyte responsiveness through trained immunity (from submitted abstracts)
11.30h Sinu P. John – Innate Immune Training Enhances the Reactivation of Latently Infected HIV-1 from Monocytic Cell Lines (from submitted abstracts)
Trained immunity and treatment
Chairs: Athanasios Ziogas (Nijmegen-Netherlands) & Giuseppe Matarese (Napoli-Italy)
11.45h Giuseppe Matarese – Caloric restriction effects on innate immunity
12.15h Maziar Divangahi – Trained immunity on protection against tuberculosis
12.45h Keynote: Vishwa Deep Dixit  Immunity and aging
13.15h Words of goodbye